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Valledupar, officially Ciudad de los Santos Reyes Upar Valley, is the capital of the department of Cesar. It is one of the major musical, cultural and folkloric epicenters of Colombia for being the cradle of vallenato music, a symbol of Colombian music.

Annually it attracts thousands of visitors from Colombia and abroad during the Vallenato Legend Festival, the most important Vallenato event.

The city is an important center for agricultural, agro-industrial and livestock production in the region. The municipality is home to numerous endemic species, mostly living in the ecosystem of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Serrania del Perij√° mountains, one of the most biodiverse places in the World. The city's symbolic bird is the Turpial. Other notable birds that inhabit the region are the parrots that flock the fruit trees year round.


  • Valledupar is the capital of the Department Cesar. Valledupar is known as the cradle of vallenato music. The city hosts the Vallenato Legend Festival.

    Touristic Sites in the Valledupar Region


After a three-hour trip from Valledupar you arrive on Nabusimake, the spiritual center of the Arhuaco kingdom and the place where they say the sun was born.

During hikes you can find a variety of flowers such as hibiscus, hydrangeas and dahlias, which paint the routes to Pozo Donde Nace el Sol, the natural water slide, the waterfalls, the hills and marsh of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Tourists can bathe in the clear and cold waters of San Sebastian River, and enjoy the nights with campfires, dances and walks under the moonlight.

Nature is the regions best gift along with an incredible experience with the Arhuaco culture.

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