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We are an operator offering alternative tourism - adventure, eco and ethno tourism - while maintaining the greatest respect for nature and the culture in Colombia.

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About Us

About Adventurous

We interact with our environment by preserving natural and cultural resources for future generations.

We promote emotional travel experiences that will allow the traveler to understand the reality of our territory (La Guajira) and its cultural, gastronomic, folkloric and natural wealth, always with a respectful and responsible attitude.

We are passionate about our land and are delighted to show it to our fellow travelers and natives by becoming their hosts, guides and friends.

We want them to feel at home and that the best souvenir they will take home are the experiences and human relations gained while doing our utmost to meet the expectations and bring them closer to our authentic and magical Guajira.


ADVENTUROUS is a travel and tour operator offering its customers eco and ethno tourism, entertainment, sport activities, adventure tourism, sun, beach, and culture contributing to economic development and job creation in the region.


In 2020, ADVENTUROUS expects to be a leader in the tourism sector in La Guajira offering innovative services related to sustainable adventure tourism improving the welfare of our customers and communities that provide tourist services.