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Discover the continuous search for balance between mind and body that makes this sport unique, it is not just a physical activity, it eliminates all your internal noises, and finds the spell of nature, air and sun, mking you feel intensely alive. It is a sample of your own improvement, a challenge to your will, with the feeling that these "natural giants" cleanse your soul.


Certified safety equipment for heights
Medical Assistance Insurance with COLASISTENCIA
Transport from and to Santa Marta
1 Refreshment
3 Extreme Activities (Trekking, Climbing, Rappel)
Conquering Fears Course - Induction, Theoretical, Physiological and Geological
Mini Adventure Course and Accident Prevention
Certified guides for adventure sports
Accommodation for 3 Nights
Taganga Tour
Climb to Punta Gloria
Certified instructors in adventure sports


Does not include expenses not mentioned above.
It requires prior reservation of at least 2 days in advance.
Restrictions for pregnant women or children under 7 years


Wear a base cap or sportive hat
Sportswear for water sports
Sneakers or athletic shoes

Rapel and Climbing

  • Intensify your life, add adrenaline and forget about any concerns while accepting a challenge which only accounts with your legs and arms to climb vertical walls.